A story of the power of friendship, love, hope and dreams.

Witty Ditties

A collection of poems for children, where the heroes are both people and animals. They teach us how to deal with negative emotions such as jealousy, and how to reach your goals. Along the way, we meet characters such as Brian the adventurous snail who takes a plane trip all the way to the North Pole, and shows us how travel can really broaden the mind. Brian was the original inspiration for the collection, as the author's son in fact smuggled a real live snail onto a plane in Berlin, and travelled all the way to Finland and back with the snail in his backpack, before finally returning it (still alive!) to the place where he had found it in the airport car park. We can also find inspiration in the adventures of Eric the American Superhero, who shows us how even very small people can have big ambitions, or in the tale of the ugly caterpillar, who ignores the taunts of her more attractive insect neighbours to finally outshine them all.
The poems were written in England in 2008, but were first published in the USA and Canada in 2009. An iPad version came out in 2012 in 32 English-speaking countries.