A story of the power of friendship, love, hope and dreams.

The Saltamontes Chronicles - The Secret Brotherhood

The Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy is a series for both the young and the young at heart. Go on a journey with the characters to a land where dreams come true and real love and friendship can overcome life’s most difficult challenges. The first book in the trilogy, Escape from Darkness, entered the Ministry of Education’s Top 100 books for schools just over a year after publication and has established itself as a firm favourite among readers of all ages. 

The Secret Brotherhood is the second installment in the adventures of Adam and Alex, which sees them take a long road trip full of love, magic and mystery. Join them as they travel through their teenage years where curiosity is like the endless ocean, faith can move mountains and rebellious love knows no bounds. Written in straightforward language, the book will appeal especially to teens, but here and there little nuggets of wisdom will give readers of any age pause for thought. Young adults will relate to the issues in the story, while the fates of the characters will bring a lump to the throat of even the most world-weary adult. 

It’s impossible to remain unmoved by this story. It will restore your faith in those values which have become unfashionable in today’s world: real friendship, selflessness and tolerance.