A story of the power of friendship, love, hope and dreams.


Coming soon, the second part in the Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy: The Secret Brotherhood.

This time, along with a good dose of adventure, you can lose yourselves in a love story and be touched by magic. While it’s still a few weeks to the publication date, here’s a trailer to whet your appetite :-)



Primus Primary School - Meeting

The Happiness-Making Machine, which appears in the first part of the Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy, was the inspiration for some amazing artworks.


Primus Primary School - Meeting, Szczecin

"Saltamontes Chronicles - Escape from Darkness"

"Saltamontes Chronicles - Escape from Darkness" is in the Ministry of Education’s Top 100 books to read.



Workshops “Journeys with Books”

A lot of curiosity, persistence and faith, with some romanticism, strength and imagination plus a few other (secret:-) ingredients. Welcome to my world, which I don’t keep locked up inside me but love to share with young people, amazing children, a session with whom is a much greater challenge than any author’s evening with adults...


Szczecin Youth Centre