A story of the power of friendship, love, hope and dreams.


Premiere of the first in a trilogy of books about the adventures of Adam and Alex, “The Saltamontes Chronicles - Escape from Darkness”

“The Saltamontes Chronicles - Escape from Darkness” is an adventure story for all the family packed with action and excitement. It tells of a long journey made by Adam and Alex, two young boys at an orphanage, one blessed with amazing intuition and the other with an engineering mind. To keep themselves occupied, they make a Happiness-Making Machine to which they entrust all their secrets; they dream of finding a home and having great adventures. One day, they choose a place at random from a map, and then set off to try to make their dreams come true. Their lives take an exciting turn when they find some mysterious books deep in medieval catacombs. From this moment on, they find themselves in real danger…