“The Saltamontes Chronicles – Escape from Darkness” at the 2nd Polish Festival of Spoken Books

The 2nd Polish Festival of Spoken Books was held in Szczecin from 15th – 19th May 2014. The idea for the first festival, entitled “Explorers of the imagination”, which was held in May 2013, was to promote literature. It turned out that this simple promotion took the form of a huge artistic event, unique on the Polish cultural map, which touched the hearts not only of the audience but also the performers.  The lead roles in the festival were played by well-known stage and radio actors, who turned reading a book into a wonderful creation, and listening into great inspiration for everyone who took part…

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Workshops at the Pleciuga Puppet Theatre, Szczecin

From 14th-15th June 2014, the 3rd Szczecin Children’s and Teens’ Book Meet was held at the Pleciuga Puppet Theatre. I was very excited to be invited to the event, and on 14th June at 4 pm I ran an hour-long workshop on “How to write your first book”.

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Press Conference

For me it was a really great honour to be at a press conference surrounded by such noteworthy people. On my left, Piotr Muszyński, organiser of the 2nd Festival of Spoken Books, on my right, Olgierd Geblewicz, Marshal of the West Pomerania Region, next to him Krzysztof Wakuliński, one of Poland’s most…

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An encounter in Prostynia

Just for a moment I’d like to go back to an amazing event that took place on 18 April 2014 in the village of Prostynia. It started quite spontaneously –  first of all, some of the children there read “The Saltamontes Chronicles – Escape from Darkness” during their Winter Break, and then they made their own Happiness-Making Machines (which they called “machines for making dreams come true”). Somehow this all got back to me and then I decided to pay these children a visit, and to meet Joasia Maliczewska, an amazing, lovely and enthusiastic lady with a really Big Heart…

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