Monika Marin

“The quest to discover the unknown is a passion that not everyone has the courage to follow. It is the work of a restless mind, a soul that pulls the body to other places, and thoughts that stir the emotions. For open minds it is an advantage, for the faint-hearted, a disadvantage.”

The Saltamontes Chronicles – The Secret Brotherhood

“I’m one of those people who travel, like you.
Into the future, and back to the past.”

The Saltamontes Chronicles – New Life


Place of birth: Szczecin, Poland

Best-known works:

The Saltamontes Chronicles Trilogy:

  • “Escape from Darkness”,
  • “The Secret Brotherhood”,
  • “A New Life”

Other works:

  • “Wittie Ditties”,
  • “Vanessa and the Elixir of Life”.

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