Monika Marin

If you’re ever lucky enough to meet a friend who has the courage to dance with you in the rain, don’t let them go;
together you can move mountains and your life will never be insignificant.

I’ve written novels that I, as a teenager years ago, would like to have read. Not only to go on adventures, but to meet people who dream, plan, forgive, love, and if they stumble, get up again. People who keep growing, regardless of age. People who reach out to others without focusing on their views, religion or skin colour. People who are good to surround yourself with.

Quick Facts

DOB: 4 February 1970

Place of birth: Szczecin, Poland

Best-known works:

The Saltamontes Chronicles Trilogy:

  • “Escape from Darkness”,
  • “The Secret Brotherhood”,
  • “A New Life”

Other works:

  • “Wittie Ditties”,
  • “Vanessa and the Elixir of Life”.

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