Ever since my book, The Saltamontes Chronicles – Escape From Darkness, came out in Poland, I’ve been getting invitations from primary school children to go and give literature workshops. I see these as some kind of mission, and my little contribution to a better world. We talk not only about books, but also about life, interests, travelling and making our dreams come true. Each class is different but, despite what some adults may think, the children are without exception open, curious and pleasant. Doing this kind of volunteer work in Poland isn’t very common yet, and from time to time, people ask me what the point is and if I can be bothered. And I say yes. Because all children are wonderful. And I do it precisely so that they don’t grow up to be the kind of people who “can’t be bothered”. And one more thing: it doesn’t matter where I am, whether I’m in the smallest of villages or the largest of cities, the best possible payment for my work is when I hear, “I like your book so much that I’ve read it three times!” 🙂 


Dominika Piasecka - Hampton, PA

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