If I have to bring to mind one school that I’ve had a great friendship with over the past few years, it has to be the Jerzy Noskiewicz Primary School in Tanowo. They’ve just held their latest Interschool Literary Competition based on the Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy. This time the competition was on the third part of the trilogy, A New Life. I shared the kids’ nerves, because the last part is a lot more complicated as it has the most going on in it, and the questions weren’t easy at all. But the children were totally prepared and although there had to be an overall champion, everyone was a winner. As usual, I doff my cap to the women who’ve put the whole thing on, Dorota Błaszczyk and Ula Roszak, who despite all their other duties managed to organize such a fantastic competition. Thank you for the beautiful gifts, the gratitude expressed, the family atmosphere and the intricately-made box for the magic stones. And well done to all the children who love reading:
– Paulina Staniszewska, who won first prize
– Ida Gorczyca – who took second place
– Zuzia Słowikowska – who came third
And the other finalists: Jakub Stanisławowski, Magdalena Głażewska, Martyna Gaca, Martyna Szarszewska, Marcelina Targosińska, Lilia Zwierzchowska, and Aleksandra Zygoń.
Thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to hang out with such a fantastic group of people and for giving me the power of good energy!

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