The Café bookshop "Kamienica w lesie" (House in the Woods) in Szczecin

On the 23rd October 2021, on Bookshop Night, from 4 pm to 6 pm in Szczecin’s café-bookshop Kamienica w lesie, an unusual meeting took place. This event, which took place after a long break due to the pandemic, made me realise that The Saltamontes Chronicles are truly important to many of my readers. I was hosted by an extremely warm, charming lady, Monika Szymanik, who created the House in the Woods with a view to meeting people, sharing the magic of the past, books and good coffee. The event will stay long in my memory because I met a lot of other wonderful people there: Asia, who was a student of mine in years gone by, and Hania, who comes from Belarus, and is just like one of my grandmothers. Magical meetings like these are very powerful. They show that books not only entertain, teach and give food for thought, but also bring people together.

The meeting was streamed live online, and today you can watch it here: https://fb.watch/9h20wUWdQE


Dominika Piasecka - Hampton, PA

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