Being among people whose ideas are worth promoting, and whose thoughts can cause a change in the mindset of people everywhere, is a great honour. And that’s just what happened, because on June 17 I had a the great pleasure of giving a speech at the TEDx Szczecin conference, where I talked about the “Championships of Daily Life.” It’s a subject that’s very close to my heart because it’s in my books and in my life also. I talked about the potential of every day no matter how old you are and at what point of life you’re at, and the fact that improving the quality of life on our planet happens not only when we do spectacular things, but also when do things when we’re out of the spotlight i.e. when we plant a tree, which in a few years will supply the planet with oxygen. I talked about respect for children and young people, and the untapped potential of maturity. Thanks again to everyone who came to support me!  P.S. Soon a video of all the speeches will be available – please do watch them, they’re worth it! 

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