The Saltamontes Chronicles Trilogy brings generations together.

On March 23, 2019, at the National Conference of the Polish Language Teachers’ Association in Otwock, near Warsaw, the Saltamontes Chronicles Trilogy was the subject of one of the lectures.

The conference theme was very serious: “On suffering and a crisis of values”. The Saltamontes Chronicles as a class reader fits perfectly in with this, written as it is in contemporary language and reaching the younger generation, because along with adventure, it smuggles in issues that are timeless and important for everyone: love, friendship, chasing dreams, and dedication.

It also asks the questions that keep many of us awake at night: how come that today, even with all the technological developments all over the world, people are still being killed? What is it that we humans are doing so wrong that means that we’ve been waging wars for hundreds of years? Is it worth fighting for your dreams when there’s no-one to turn to and you’re also a child?

Right from the publication of the first part in 2013, this multi-layered adventure trilogy won many loyal young fans. But they weren’t the only ones: Polish teachers and librarians were also quick to appreciate it. It also gained recognition from education specialists, psychologists and therapists and became an inspiration for making a connection with young people who want to read books that related to THEIR world, listen to THEIR voices and give THEM hope.

Let’s change the world for the better by starting with ourselves.




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