Two packed author’s meetings on one day 🙂 Children, teens and adults. People who’d read my stories and people who’d heard the audiobook of Part One broadcast on Radio Stargard. People with invitations and people “off the street”. Adults and children who came ready and prepared to talk about the Saltamontes Chronicles, which was music to my ears, since it meant that my book’s being read and enjoyed over a wide radius away from the library where it’s regularly borrowed. The readers were also up on my motorcycling stories, so of course there were tales of travelling and of dreams. A meeting full of warmth and freedom, with discussions on books, inspiration, all things great and small, but also humdrum life. There was an amazing, accepting atmosphere. We touched on a wide range of subjects close to our hearts and the children, who spoke imaginatively and freely, asked the best questions ever, with no embarrassment whatsoever. And then there were the endless photo and autograph sessions 🙂 So I can add another place to my list of fond memories: STARGARD LIBRARY!!!

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