Szczecin Youth Centre

A lot of curiosity, persistence and faith, with some romanticism, strength and imagination plus a few other (secret:-) ingredients. Welcome to my world, which I don’t keep locked up inside me but love to share with young people, amazing children, a session with whom is a much greater challenge than any author’s evening with adults. One of my roles in life is that of the “travel, motorbike, and adventure books lady”, and it is in this role that children have once again managed to surprise me in a positive way. I’ve just run 4 days of intensive workshops called “Journeys with Books” at the Szczecin Youth Centre. Great days, where every participant got a signed copy of my book “The Saltamontes Chronicles – Escape from Darkness”. The delight in the children’s eyes – priceless


Dominika Piasecka - Hampton, PA

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