Philharmonic Concert Hall in Szczecin

On 22 November at 6 pm, at the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Szczecin, I closed one chapter of my life and opened the next. The 1200-page Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy is now officially out (even though the final part was published in April) and is living its own life in readers’ houses. But the most important thing about this evening was that it wasn’t some random event with random people, but a gathering of friends and readers who’ve been supporting me ever since the first part, Escape from Darkness, came out. That’s really precious to me, and that’s why it was so important for me to have you all there. I’d also like to thank my really close friend Kasia Uścinowicz for doing such a good job with the interview (apart from the awkward questions, that is!), Rafał Kowalczyk, who played all the piano pieces, especially the Chopin, so beautifully, the enchanting Marzena Wiencis, who brought us a little of the magic of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, the ladies from Provence florists’, the crew at the Philharmonic Concert Hall and all of you who couldn’t be there on the evening but were cheering us on from afar.
Thanks also for your messages on FB, your PMs and e-mails. There are too many of them to mention each of them individually, but thank you for all of them!
Monika Marin
Wiola Targosinska Monika, what a lovely event! Magical. Unique. I’m so pleased that my children were able to experience it all. Thank you.
Dorota Błaszczyk I have no words to express how I feel about it all. Thank you.
Anna Bochniarz I’ve been left feeling that it wasn’t enough and I want more… It was magical, I was just spellbound by everything! All the very best to you.
Irena Okowiak-Magiera I can still feel the atmosphere from the evening. Thank you for the Chopin, the amazing aria, and for giving me the chance to meet all those wonderful people. The parents and their children, the children and their parents – the wider Saltamontes Chronicles family.

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