On Saturday, 16 March 2019, the rain in Szczecin was coming down sideways, and the wind was blowing people’s hoods off and their umbrellas inside out. That didn’t stop some of us having a cosy get-together at the “Fika” Club Café in Szczecin over a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate. We got to know each other better and not only chatted about books but also about what we like to eat for breakfast and how 1980s ice cream tasted. But we also talked about some strange, incomprehensible and fascinating things. The atmosphere over that evening made me realize once again how important honest conversations with people are and that within each of us, whether little or big, there is a fascinating unwritten book, which is our own life story. Many thanks to Małgosia Narożna for the invitation. I had a lovely time.


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