25-28 October 2018

A big Thank You to all of you who came to visit me at the 22nd International Book Fair in Krakow this weekend. Thanks to all of you who, like me, believe that we can do something for future generations to improve mutual understanding and, regardless of where we come from, our religion or race, can all respect each other. I’m really happy that you’re all getting together as families to read the Saltamontes Chronicles trilogy, and that some of you have recognised yourselves in the series.

The best thing about this year’s Book Fair, however, was that I got the chance to speak to many of you in person and shake you by the hand. I think the magical atmosphere at our stand helped, along with the amount of space that we had. Meeting you all was a really great pleasure and honour for me.

Thank you all again for coming and see you all again next year!

Monika Marin

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